Despite its constant privacy concerns, which have filled rivers of electronic ink over the past few weeks, Zoom still knows no bounds. The video conferencing application focused on the professional environment continues to increase its growth rate and active user base, already surpassing the 300 million people who use it daily.

In just three months, Zoom has grown from 10 million to 300 million daily active users

This has been communicated by Eric S. Yuan, CEO of the company, who has highlighted the enormous impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on the growth of the service and the “incredible value it brings” at this time to be able to do communications between people and teams possible. It is not the only one, since online platforms such as Netflix have also seen the daily increase in the number of users joining their platform soar.

With the latest data offered, Zoom would have added 50% of registrations compared to the 200 million registered people who were on the platform at the beginning of this same month of April. A notable increase that is even more relevant if we take into account that last December there were barely 10 million users who made daily use of the service.

A maelstrom of privacy concerns

The increase in popularity has brought Zoom some less pleasant consequences, such as the growth of the platform’s scrutiny and the subsequent discovery of various privacy issues that compromised user data. Facts that led the company to recruit Alex Stamos, a former head of Facebook security and a recognized figure in the industry, into its ranks.

The firm, which has worked in recent weeks with the machines at their maximum capacity, published its version 5.0 last Wednesday, with several changes focused on key improvements within the privacy section. Notable among them is the encryption under the AES GCM 256-bit standard for video calls and a routing that can now be managed directly by users themselves.

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