Zoom is giving a lot to talk about when confined by the coronavirus. And not only for its success in being used massively by many users. Also for its privacy and security problems in the first days of its user base increase.

Now the company is in the news for having purchased one of the most popular encryption services on the web at the moment. As announced, Zoom has purchased Keybase.io for an amount that has not transcended. The intention after the purchase is to use the encryption company’s secure technology to improve the security and privacy of video calls.

In a Zoom blog post, where the acquisition has been announced, the company aims to integrate both the technology and the current Keybase template. within the business core of the video calling company, all with the intention of improving their services and offering greater security after the scandals of the past month:

Our goal is to provide the highest possible privacy for each use, while balancing the needs of our users and our commitment to prevent harmful behavior on our platform. Keybase’s experienced team will be a critical part of this mission.

Zoom facility and Keybase security

With this, it is expected that privacy problems in the video call service will go down in history. And it is that within what the company has called the Zoom 90 days plan, which seeks strengthen the security of your video platformKeybase will play a critical role.

However, the company has been improving the security of its service for some time. With the recent Zoom 5.0 update, the service’s client apps encrypt communications with AES-GCM using 256-bit keys.

The announcement also includes some interesting information. According to the service, Zoom is used by a huge number of users covering up to 300 million participants at daily meetings, including those of some of the world’s largest companies.

Zoom also wants to be more transparent after the purchase, and therefore announces that it will publish a Detailed draft of the cryptographic design of its services on Friday, May 22.

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