How many times have you entered to watch a particularly long video on YouTube of which you are only interested in a fragment and have had to navigate blindly through the position indicator until you find it? No more … more or less, as the platform has added a new function designed specifically for this task: chapters.

Surely this sounds familiar to you: you go on YouTube to see a concert by a band you like, but you don’t want to listen to it in its entirety, but to listen to some songs. What do you do? The most common is to go down to the description of the video, just in case the one who uploaded it has seen fit to mark where each song begins. And if it was not the one who uploaded it, maybe some good Samaritan did it in the comments.

Find Comments by Pointing to a timestamp It is very common on YouTube, especially in long videos that have been made viral by some lost fragment, or because the interesting thing happens after six minutes. Well, this is not going to go out of style because it is useful, but the platform makes it a little easier now so you don’t waste time looking for a specific part of the video.

These are YouTube ‘chapters’

The chapters reach YouTube both in the web application -although they do not work in all browsers- and in the mobile applications for Android and iOS, and they are recognized with the naked eye because they are shown in the same video playback bar as cuts. Each of those cuts is a chapter and for that they have been created: to distinguish different fragments of the same video.

But don’t be too happy, because this new feature is now made available to content creators on YouTube, that is, does not apply retroactively to all the videos on the platform, but it will be from now on when you start to see it running.

And yes, music fans are the ones who will enjoy it the most, more with Google betting heavily on YouTube Music and the insistence of many users to upload complete discs in a single video. Of course, this is not a measure intended for YouTube Music, at least for the moment.


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