Airports are places with a lot of movement. They are rfull of people moving from one country to another. Planes land and take off endlessly. Cars are constantly moving both in the parking lots and in the areas enabled for taxis.

However, that image that we all keep has completely changed with the expansion of the coronavirus (also known as COVID-19). Those that at the beginning of the year were very crowded places, are now practically deserted. People are confined to their homes, the tourism industry has collapsed, and airlines, following instructions from governments, have canceled the vast majority of their flights.

Airports without people, but full of planes

Delta planes parked during the pandemic. Image: Andy Luten (Petapixel).

This scenario is leaving unusual and unimaginable prints by the majority of citizens less than a year ago. These include, for example, aerial photographs published by Petapixel. They are captures in which you can see hundreds of planes parked at various airports in the United States. These include the Dallas Fort Worth Airport – located in Texas (United States) -, the Tulsa International Airport – where the maintenance base of American Airlines is located -, Kansas City, Houston and Pinal Airpark.

All the images reflect, in a very particular way, the paralysis that society is suffering during these weeks due to the pandemic. They also transmit the silence that currently prevails in places where, under normal conditions, the rumblings of the turbines of the aircraft manufactured by Boeing and Airbus, among others, would resonate.

As the photographer describes, many of the aircraft have been stationed with such precise symmetry that, behind the lens of a camera, were translated into beautiful – albeit sad – photographs.

All images captured by photographer Andy Luten can be seen in this article posted on Petapixel.

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