Tesla manages to bend the authorities. His factory in Fremont, California, opened last weekend after Elon Musk’s challenge to Alameda County, prepares for a full reopening after talking with the health managers.

This has been transmitted by the company to its employees through an email to which Hypertext has had access. In it, the head of Human Resources details that the company has reached an understanding with County health officials, which have given the green light to plans to start scaling operating volume at the plant.

Back to work

This email provides a clearer view of the steps employees must take in what is an momentous week for the Californian factory. The company wants to resume maximum production there as soon as possible, since it is key to the manufacture of the new and expected Model Y.

It can be found in full below:

Hello everyone:

Yesterday, we met with Alameda County to review the comprehensive safety measures we have put in place to ensure the safety of employees. I’m pleased to share that local health officials announced last night that our Fremont factory can accelerate operations this week as we prepare for full production.

If you have already returned to the factory or your manager has asked you to return this week, we are well prepared to proceed safely and in line with all government precautions and safety measures requested by the county.

If you continue on leave and have not yet been called back to work or contacted, you will remain that way until you hear from your manager. You can continue to apply for unemployment benefits and Tesla will continue to provide your health benefits.

If you have been working at home and have not been called back to work, continue working from home.

Another important note: once they call you, you will no longer be on leave, so if you choose not to work, it may affect your unemployment benefits as determined by your local government agency, and not Tesla. We fully respect your decision and will support it, without penalty on our part. If you have been called back to work, but have not received your last unemployment check, you can continue working and expect to receive your final state check. Some States are delayed due to current circumstances.

I am excited to see you in Fremont this week. If you have any questions, please contact your human resources partners

Thanks, team!

Forced withdrawal

The statement contrasts with that of the local Health Department itself. He says he still has to review the implementation of additional measures so that Tesla can increase the workload. Operational escalation, however, is already underway, as previously mentioned.

The factory, which serves as the company’s headquarters, began to record movement again last weekend. Musk himself then offered to be arrested, ensuring that employees had the right to return to work.

This medium published exclusive information on Wednesday after speaking with several employees of the firm. Two of them revealed that their decision not to return to the Tesla factory in Fremont will mean running out of their unemployment benefit. However, fear of the coronavirus and uncertainty about safety measures at the plant weighed more heavily on his decision.

Tesla, as you can read in the email above, assures that it will not take additional actions against those who do not decide to come to their position. However, one of the sources consulted by Hipertextual assured that his manager had transferred him to be “in danger” of being fired Consequently.

An assertion that is shared by more company employees, as collected by NBC. Other employees who have decided not to return to their posts have not received any type of warning regarding the dismissal, although they will be left without their unemployment compensation.

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