To edit a video and get very good results, you no longer need to go to professionals. Almost anyone can do it, from the recording of resources with cameras on high-quality mobile phones, to editing and post-production, with programs increasingly accessible to everyone.

Until recently, video editing used to require two important aspects: a powerful computer, with the latest generation of components such as the processor, RAM, or graphics card, and an editing program that generally required a training course and which also has a high price.

However, not everyone has the ability to have such a powerful computer, at home or at work, or enough time to learn how to use traditional editing programs. For all those people, VideoProc is the video editing tool that best suits your needs, with a simple interface and several options to edit, process, convert, record and download video files. Also, now, for all Hipertextual readers, there is a free subscription to version 3.6 license.

Perhaps the main advantage of VideoProc is that it allows you to work even with 4K resolution videos without any problem. Most programs demand a high performance of the processor and the GPU, around 90%, even blocking the equipment due to the heat emitted. VideoProc has been optimized to only use 40% of the GPU. Of course, with these performance figures in videos as demanding as 4K, video editing in 1080 or 720 resolution is much easier.

The second quality is its video processing speed. While more professionally focused programs like Premier or Vegas Pro take a long time in the rendering process, VideoPro achieves up to 47 times faster speed in video processing. And all of it without affecting quality of the result.

Editing tools

If we want to try VideoProc to edit a family video, video from friends or even a small presentation for University or work, we will see that it is an extremely simple process from the beginning.

The first thing we will have to do is access their website and download the program depending on the operating system of our team. VideoProc is compatible with most current common computers, so in principle we should have no problem running it on our computer.

Once we download the program and we have selected the video files with which we want to work, we can use its tools so that the result is the best possible.

For example, we can carry out the most common ones such as being able to copy and cut fragments of videos, we can join, cut an image to highlight a part of the video or even add effects. But not only that, but for a more professional result, VideoProc also includes video stabilization, very useful for videos recorded with the mobile phone, red-eye correction, make GIFs or add watermarks.

Here’s a small tutorial on using the VideoProc video editor:

If you are looking for a video editor to help you in your video editing tasks, VideoProc has a free version for the entire Hypertextual audience. VideoProc is available for both Windows and MacOS.


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