Are you an avid Twitter user? Then the novelty that arrives interests you, because although immediacy is one of the hallmarks of the social network, the possibility of schedule message posting It is most useful for not being stuck all day to the PC, especially for those who manage project or organization accounts. You can now schedule your messages on Twitter, yes.

Until now relegated to third-party clients or to the TweetDeck itself, the function of being able to program messages on Twitter was precisely one of the incentives – there is, of course, more than being able to manage multiple accounts simultaneously – for not using the official application, despite that limitations have been driving most of these third-party applications down, again, with the exception of Twitter-owned TweetDeck.

Be that as it may, the social network began its tests last December and it seems that they are happy with its operation, because the option to schedule messages on Twitter is now available to all users of the service. Yes, you will only find it in the web interface; It is unknown if they will also implement it in the mobile application, although it would be expected, taking into account the importance of the medium.

How to schedule messages on Twitter

The scheduling of messages on Twitter is not lost. You just have to compose your message and instead of clicking on tweet, do it on the new button that mixes a calendar with a clock. There you can choose the hour, minute, day and even month and year in which your message will be published. You can schedule up to two years away.

But this is not the only novelty that Twitter brings: if instead of sending or programming the message you want to think better of it, you just have to hit the X to save that message for later. You can see everything better in the following tweet:

Not quite ready to send that Tweet? Now on you can save it as a draft or schedule it to send at a specific time –– all from the Tweet composer!

– Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) May 28, 2020

If by any chance you do not find any of these options on your Twitter, rest assured, they are being deployed to all users of the platform and it may take a while to get to you. Altogether they are interesting novelties, although they do not reach the functionality – not the accessibility – of TweetDeck. But everything will work … if Donald Trump allows it.


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