As we told you a few months ago, Google Play Music has its days numbered and the service that will replace it is none other than Youtube music, which is not new because it has been confirmed since then. The novelty is that the end of the first one is approaching, while the second one receives the majority of functions that it lacked.

The last and most important is the option of transfer the music collection from one service to another, and is that one of the characteristics that made Google Play Music so interesting, is the possibility of uploading up to 50,000 songs. Imagine, then, the can of downloading and uploading all that to YouTube Music. But don’t worry, because there will be no drama. At Google they had everything ready.

In the official blog of Google Spain they explain how the transfer of the music library from Google Play Music to YouTube Music is carried out and it is really simple: access YouTube Music app for Android or iOS and a screen will automatically appear offering you the action. When the transfer is complete, you will receive an email notifying you of this. Of course, you have to use the same user account.

As a personal comment, I tell you that for the moment the option to migrate my collection has not come out, so maybe we have to wait for it to reach everyone.

But the transfer of the collection is not limited to the songs that you yourself uploaded to Google Play Music, but also includes the ones you bought, be they whole albums or individual songs, «the playlists you subscribed to, the content on the one you marked “I like” and “I don’t like”, the selected stations and your personal preferences ». To make the transition to YouTube Music as smooth as possible.

Similarly, if you were subscribed to Google Play Music Premium, you can continue using YouTube Music as such, with the same price and conditions.

Google also makes reference in its announcement to the podcast migration, which, as expected, will be transferred directly to Google Podcasts. However, this function was never available in Spain or in many other countries beyond the United States and even so, when you enter Google Podcasts you will find this option.

YouTube Music is here to stay

If you are one of those who were delighted with Google Play Music and YouTube Music does not convince you, go get the idea that change is inevitable, unless you choose to switch to another service. YouTube Music, in fact, began its journey with many deficiencies, some of which still endure. The most bloody, the inability to listen to anything without keeping the application open (on the mobile) if you don’t pay.

On the other hand, in recent times it has been adding functions that were lacking before promoting the replacement, such as being able to play the music stored in the mobile phone; and it has even added others that are always well received in this type of applications, such as displaying the lyrics of the songs. In short, except for the incomprehensible limitation of keeping the app open unless you pay, which puts it in a very bad place against the competition, YouTube Music seems to be ready for the general public.

In addition, and this is also a novelty, YouTube Music not only allows you to transfer the 50,000 songs you had on Google Play Music: it gives you space for another 50,000, so in total you can upload 100,000 songsas well as expanding the capacity of playlists to 5,000 songs.

And remember: the subscription price is 9.99 euros a month, but for 11.99 euros a month you can access both YouTube Music and YouTube Premium, which removes advertising from the platform and opens the door to its content exclusive, which are few and not very interesting -and that they were going to be free for everyone, but we are still waiting- so for the moment it is still a plus.


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