The COVID-19 pandemic has had a very negative impact on the smartphone market during the first quarter of the year, although some large companies in the sector, such as Xiaomi, have broken the general trend of the quarter with upward results that have also given us an important surprise, and that is that the Chinese company has managed to surpass Samsung in Spain as the largest seller of smartphones during that quarter.

In the accompanying table, taken from a report by the Canalys consultancy, we can see that during the first quarter of 2020 the smartphone sector fell 13% globally. Companies such as Samsung, Huawei and Apple experienced, respectively, a drop of 17%, 17% and 8%, respectively. However, Xiaomi grew 9%.

If we look at the data related to Spain we see that during the first quarter of 2020 smartphone sales Huawei’s sales were down 14% and Apple’s were down 8%. It takes the palm Samsung, whose sales they were reduced by 20%, which together with the 46% growth experienced by Xiaomi allowed the Chinese company to take the lead from the South Korean giant.

It is very striking to see that Oppo experienced enormous growth that allowed him position in the top five of smartphone sellers in Spain.

Xiaomi and the secret of its success: what makes the Chinese manufacturer special?

The reality of Xiaomi is very curious, and we must put it in relation to the evolution it has undergone in recent years. I perfectly remember that the Chinese company has always known how to surround itself with a good price-performance ratio, something that they have maintained to this day (with minor exceptions, of course).

Sell ​​terminals with good features at an affordable price It is essential, but it was not the only pillar on which Xiaomi has built its success. The company has known get rid of the idea of ​​low quality brand, unreliable and with insecure software that it had in its beginnings. Those prejudices have affected many giants in the smartphone sector, in fact Huawei itself had to deal with them in the beginning.

Xiaomi has known build your brand image encompassing all the key principles for success, and has made consumers feel that their smartphones not only offer good value for money, but also have good design, high build quality and high reliability. It is evident that this has generated a “word of mouth” effect which has also helped, a lot, for the company to boost its sales in Spain without having to invest large amounts in advertising.

It will be interesting to see how this situation evolves in the coming quarters. Will Samsung be able to regain the crown in Spain? We will see.


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