Xiaomi, the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, could not sit idly by before the pandemic. The Chinese firm has innovated a couple of smart face masks which include mouth covers Interchangeable N95, with the ability to disinfect autonomously through ultraviolet rays, but they are also rechargeable and do not interfere with facial recognition of smartphoness, this being its maximum contribution to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The masks “X” and “Y” are part of the pyecto Aeri ’project, developed by Huami, the wearable firm behind the Xiaomi ecosystem, being everything we need to avoid spreading and being infected with the coronavirus that affects the world. With a Tight-fitting design and easily to the silhouette of the face, both models guarantee that you will breathe 100% pure air, releasing carbon dioxide, thanks to the air filters that circulate inside the respirators.

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In addition, both the “X” and “Y” masks have inside N95 mask that can to exchange for new after use as well as a anti-fog cover that prevents the glasses from fogging, as well as a fan to cool the mask in hot weather or humidity to keep it dry and prevent fungal growth.


As if that were not enough, as collected by 20 Minutes, both models areon fully transparent which facilitates the facial recognition on smartphones as well as communication between people. But in addition, Xiaomi thought of everything, because no need to wash themsince your autonomous disinfection system, it works, just like if you were charging your cell phone, when the masks are not in use, they connect via a USB Type-C port to a power source.

For his part, Huami points out that the The objective of the project is to alleviate the social effects of social distancing by encouraging people to be able to continue seeing facial expressions even when wearing a mask. But in addition, Xaomi has put its personal seal on both masks, allowing users to customize the color and material of the straps.


Although nothing in this life can be perfect. Even though that him ‘Aeri’ project is already a reality, the technology giant still no release date, but the global need for this type of high-tech devices makes us think that it will be very soon.


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