Rumors begin to spread that the new 150 Megapixel camera module created by Samsung could be seen in an upcoming Xiaomi.

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The reality is that Xiaomi is a company that has managed to position itself very well in the market inside and outside China, this thanks to its powerful smartphones with a price that are generally very cheap.

Although something curious is that you have the usual idea that each company is responsible for completely manufacturing each component on their smartphones. When this could not be so far from reality.

We could talk about the case of Sony, which is responsible for the cameras of the iPhone and specifically with Xiaomi, the company has a commercial agreement with Samsung that could even give life to its version of the Galaxy Z Flip.

Currently, that same business alliance could open the possibility for Xiaomi to launch the first smartphone equipped with a 150 megapixel (MP) camera.
This information comes from a report recently shared by GizmoChina, where they point out that Samsung would have developed this new ultra-powerful camera module.

Furthermore, as part of a commercial agreement, Xiaomi could incorporate this new sensor in one of its models launched for the second half of 2020.

By the very nature of Samsung’s launch calendars, the Chinese firm, and not them, would then be the first to launch a cell phone with the ability to take photos at 150 MP.

Finally, this information is still to be confirmed, although the rumor is strong and fits in well with the Samsung company that has done a lot of promotion of its hardware for image capture.




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