Today there has been a huge leak that includes both the xbox source code, the first Microsoft console, like the development kit of that one, emulators that were used to test games internally, important documentation and the console system kernel. In this leak, the source code of a version of Windows NT 3.5 it was not fully finished.

This it’s not the first time Unauthorized access to the Xbox source code occurs. It has been confirmed that some important figures in the emulation world have already had the opportunity to access the source code of this console and that they were able to discover all the ins and outs of the original Xbox first-hand, so the impact of this leak may have been be minimal as far as emulation is concerned.

The reason is very simple. The heavyweights of the emulation world already had a lot of important information to emulate Xbox games on PC, and yet the evolution of the emulators of said console has been very limited, so much so that today we can say that it is the only one “old” console that it has not been possible to emulate in a truly optimal way, not even partially.

Microsoft also has not achieved good backward compatibility with Xbox

It is, without a doubt, something very curious. Filtering the source code, development kits and internal emulators of a console should make it easier to improve its emulation, but the truth is that not even microsoft has been able to get full emulation of Xbox games on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Take a look at the list of Xbox games that work on Xbox One, and compare it to the compatible Xbox 360 games. The difference is overwhelming, true? There is no official explanation from Microsoft, and the community is still unable to agree on what makes Xbox emulation so limited today, but we can offer you a fairly sensible explanation.

On the one hand we must take into account that said console assembled highly specialized hardware that it is, in theory, little document and that it is very difficult to emulate. The 733 MHz 32-bit Pentium III and the GeForce 3 series GPU used by this console were, at the time, very powerful components and with a high degree of customization, which made it necessary to use specific drivers which were also supported by a version of Highly custom Windows 2000.

Put simply, Xbox was built with a PC-type base, but on a set of elements so personalized and with such deep integration at the software-hardware level that its emulation is a headache even for Microsoft itself, as we have seen with the limited backward compatibility of said console in current generations.

Right now the best way to enjoy Xbox games is to buy a console and the titles that we like second hand. The prices are not very high, so we can get a good collection for little money.

Regarding the leak of the source code of Windows NT 3.5 it is an operating system that it was released in 1994 and it went on to better life in 2001, so in principle it shouldn’t be a major problem for Microsoft.

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