The backward compatibility that Xbox Series X will offer with Xbox One games is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting features of the new generation console from Microsoft, but it is also one of the most doubts had been raised.

Having the opportunity to continue enjoying the games of previous generations on our new console is an advantage, and represents great added value, But will these work the same as on Xbox One or will they present some kind of improvement thanks to the greater potential that Xbox Series X offers?

Jason Ronald, director of the Xbox Series X management program, has confirmed that said console will offer automatic improvements in some games, and that thanks to this we will be able to enjoy them with rates of between 60 and 120 FPS, and also with HDR (high dynamic range). Microsoft had previously pointed to the possibility of applying these types of improvements, but had not reached any point.

According to Ronald, Xbox Series X offers a new and innovative HDR reconstruction technique that allows HDR support to be added automatically to Xbox One games, and also to Xbox 360 and Xbox games. without affecting their performance, at least in theory. This technique uses machine learning and artificial intelligence, and it showed its full potential recently in a technical demo of Halo 5: Guardians.

Regarding the improvement of the frame rate per second, there is talk of a jump that will allow bringing titles running at 30 FPS to 60 FPS, and titles running at 60 FPS will go down to 120 FPS. To achieve this Ronald has explained that the games of previous generations will run natively on Xbox Series X, which will allow them to have full access to the CPU, GPU, memory and SSD of the system.

We can therefore expect a noticeable improvement in load times, and also full support for the new features that Microsoft will introduce with Xbox Series X. Developers won’t have to do a thing to adapt their games, since all the work will be done at the operating system level, that is, Microsoft assumes “all the weight”.

What games will Xbox Series X improve?

There is no doubt that Microsoft is doing an excellent job with Xbox Series X, but which games will be able to take advantage of those improvements? In theory it is assumed that all games Those who show that backward compatibility will be able to support these improvements, since, as we have said, they are implemented at the system level and do not require any type of work by the developers.

However, it is not clear to us which games will be backwards compatible. There is still no definitive list (although we know it will be huge, in fact there is talk of thousands of games), and we will not have it until the launch of Xbox Series X. Keep in mind, also, that it is likely that in the years after the launch of said console the list of backward compatible games will be expanded, so really there will be nothing “etched in stone.”

In any case, it’s good news, especially for those who have an Xbox One, and also for those who have older game collections. Microsoft has taken great care of both the Xbox Series X hardware and the software-level design, cooling, and support. Sony has not lived up to it, at least not yet. We will see if in the event that the Japanese company has planned for June it achieves “Put your batteries” and shows something really interesting.


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