If we look at the movements that Sony and Microsoft have made, it is clear that, for now, the giant of Redmond has done much better with Xbox Series X. They have not only been able to perform a complete presentation of its new generation console before Sony, but they have also shown that its configuration at the hardware level is much more balanced and more powerful.

Last March we dedicated a fairly complete article to make an analysis of the specifications of both consoles, and we clearly saw that when facing PS5 and Xbox Series X the Microsoft console came out better. It is true that Sony has done a very good job with the custom SSD and the Tempest sound chip, but its CPU reaches lower frequencies and its GPU has a more than questionable configuration, since it barely reaches the 2,304 shaders, whereas Xbox Series X has 3,328 shaders.

This difference in shaders is so great that, translated into the sector of PC graphics cards, it would be more than enough to place the PS5 GPU at a “mid-range” level, already that of Xbox Series X at a “high-end” level. A difference of this level will be noticed, and a lot, in games, that does not admit discussion. We will see, yes, if the developers are able to “make up” so that it is not so obvious.

Microsoft goes for it all with Xbox Series X

Summing up, Microsoft has achieved a round design with Xbox Series X, both internal (component structure) and external (chassis), and the best thing is that it has not neglected the software. The Redmond company is committed to offering a full backward compatibility with previous generations of Xbox, while Sony has only referenced backward compatibility with ‘major’ games from PS4-PS4 Pro.

It is clear that Sony has, at the moment, quite complicated. Not only do you have a less powerful console and with a lower backward compatibility than the Xbox Series X, but also plays with the pressure of having to review your strategy and adjust the price as much as possible sales so that PS5 is not in a clear disadvantage, something that, according to analysts Peter Moore and Michael Pachter will be inevitable.

The reason is very simple, both experts believe that Microsoft is waiting for Sony to announce the PS5 price for lower the price of Xbox Series X by up to $ 100. This means that if Sony announces its console with a price of $ 500 Microsoft will announce Xbox Series X with a price of $ 400. It makes perfect sense, the selling price has proven to be a key factor in the launch of a new console, so much so that it was the downfall of Xbox One when it debuted at a higher price than PS4.

Can Microsoft afford to lose that much money?

Selling Xbox Series X at a lower price than PS5 would have a very important consequence, and that is that Microsoft should be willing to lose money with every unit sold. It is said that if Microsoft decided to lower the price of its console by about $ 100, it could lose between 1,000 and 2,000 million dollars due to accumulated hardware sales, a considerable number that, nevertheless, we must contextualize appropriately.

As many of our readers will know, both Sony and Microsoft they earn money by selling services and games, which means that the Redmond giant would have no problem recovering those $ 100 lost by selling hardware below cost, and that it will start earning income in the short term. In the end it pays off, and it could be a totally successful move on the part of the company.

According to experts, Microsoft currently has $ 136 billion in cashSo losing 1,000 or 2,000 million in such a move would not be a problem for the American giant. The company has money to spare, and as we have said it will be rather an investment that in the end they would end up recovering through software and services.

Xbox One has been the great loser of this generation, that is undeniable, a reality that has given Microsoft an important lesson, so much so that, saving the last intergenerational games presentation event, we can say that so far they have done everything right.


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