The technical director of Dirt 5, one of the best simulators to come to the Microsoft console, with true 4K Ultra HD resolution and an impressive 120 fps mode, has stepped up to the potential performance of the Xbox Series X SSD: “It’s ridiculously fast”.

The market for video game consoles is “burning” as it usually happens in the launch years of the new generations. And we’ll see a brutal marketing war right up to the commercialization of Microsoft and Sony developments. And beyond. If in general, points such as the price, the collection of exclusive games or backwards compatibility have been the main elements in deciding to buy one or the other console, for a while now this battle has expanded to internal hardware components.

Just remember that consoles like the Nintendo Wii swept the rest of the consoles off the map without being the best in performance games-based, the first and main thing -in my opinion- of any machine. Certainly, the market seems to have changed and measurements of a couple of fps and microseconds of access have obtained a relevance that the old folks of the place do not understand.

Only in this way can it be understood that the developer of Dirt 5 has come out to defend the Xbox Series X SSD (in an official medium such as Xbox Wire) against the comments that the storage unit installed on the PS5 it will be much faster. Obviously, it was certain that for this generation both were going to bet on solid state drives for internal storage as has already happened in the PC market.

“Obviously, that SSD drive is amazing. It’s not like a PC SSD, it’s more than that, “says Dirt 5 technical director David Springate. “Power load data so ridiculously fast Not only is it really impressive, but as a developer it’s very interesting. For Dirt 5, we will be able to enter the races superfast. It means that there will be no loading screens that get in the way, without wasting time, without looking at my phone, it means that the action will be continuous ».

Springate explains that the Xbox Series X SSD will allow developers to load important game data in the middle of a single frame rendering, making the loading process imperceptible to the player.

“The disk is so fast that I can load data in the middle of a frame, use it, consume it, download it and replace it with something else in the middle of a frame, treating the GPU memory as a virtual disk“, He says. How much texture data can I load now? I am looking forward to taking this as far as I can to see what kind of beautiful experiences we can offer, ”he says.

We will see. The racing simulator they are developing promises true 4K Ultra HD resolutions and an impressive 120 frames per second mode.


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