Microsoft allowed us to see a couple of days ago the first improved games for Xbox Series X, and the truth is that it left us with conflicting feelings. It was not the event we all expectedThat is clear, but at the same time I understand that the Redmond company wanted to slow down a bit and that it preferred to wait before showing all its cards.

We can’t blame him, until now the company that Satya Nadella runs It has been very transparent in everything related to Xbox Series X, in fact they are ahead of Sony in this regard, since it has shown all its keys at a technical level, its configuration of components and their distribution in the chassis and the final design of the console. Sony, by contrast, has limited itself to describing the specifications of the PS5.

The games featured at the Xbox Series X online event were, in their entirety, intergenerational, which means that they are developed taking the current generation as a starting point, and that therefore they must assume all their limitations. Yes it is The same thing that we PC users have suffered As a consequence of the developments focused on PS4 and Xbox One, how curious.

Xbox Series X has not shown its true power

That is evident. The improvements that we will see in intergenerational games will be noticed, mainly, in the resolution, fluidity and quality of the textures and of certain graphic effects, but not in the complexity or in the central aspects of those games.

Only exclusive games for the new generation will be able to truly take advantage of the full potential of the Xbox Series X, as they will break those barriers that it requires to develop for consoles with 5.5 GB of RAM, a 2012 graphics card and a processor with an IPC at level of the Intel Atom. This means that to see truly innovative games on a technical and playable level we will have to wait for it to end, partially or totally, the stage of coexistence of both generations.

I think that, from a serious and reasonable point of view, we cannot be disappointed by what we saw. As I said, they are intergenerational games that must also work on Xbox One and PS4, and that requires sacrifices. Bright Memory Infinite It was, in my opinion, one of the most interesting announcements, since, as many of our readers will know, it will support ray tracing applied to reflections. This title could be one of the first to truly take advantage of the hardware of the new Microsoft console, despite the fact that it is an intergenerational title.

Maybe during this first stage of generational transition ray tracing is used as one of the main “arguments” to sell consoles, beyond resolution and fluidity. You already have my opinion clear, it was a bit of a disappointing but perfectly understandable event, now it’s your turn. The comments are yours.

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