Xbox Series S remains one of the most interesting projects from Microsoft. During the last weeks we have had the opportunity to see a conceptual design of said console, and we could also see a summary with its specifications and its possible sale price, which will be, in theory, around $ 300.

Since then silence has returned, we have not heard anything about Xbox Series S until now. Jez Corden, from Windows Central, has wanted to end the rumors that speak of an alleged cancellation of the Xbox Series S, and he has done it in a quite forceful way, since he assures that he has had the opportunity to speak with several developers who they are adapting their new titles to the hardware of said console.

Obviously this is not equivalent to an official confirmation, but if we add it to the information that we have been seeing It makes a lot of sense, especially since it would allow Microsoft to divert user attention to Xbox One X and focus it on Xbox Series S. It would also put the Redmond giant in a more competitive position in the career of the new generation.

Xbox Series S: fewer TFLOPs than Xbox One X, but clearly superior

I know that this title can surprise more than one, and it is normal. Many media are bent on make us believe that TFLOPs are a key value when it comes to consoles and gaming performance, but it’s not true. It is the myth of the TFLOPs, a question that we have already solved on previous occasions, but that unfortunately still continues to “wreak havoc.”

The leaks most recent We have had the opportunity to see Xbox Series S with the following hardware configuration:

Eight-core Zen 2 processor with a frequency between 2.4 GHz and 3 GHz.
12 GB of unified GDDR6.
Second generation Radeon RDNA GPU with ray tracing support (4 power TFLOPs).
PCIE NVME SSD without specifying, is probably similar or identical to that of Xbox Series X, but with less capacity to reduce costs.

By cons, Xbox One X has a Low-power Jaguar CPU with eight 2.3 GHz cores, 12 GB of GDDR5, a 1 TB HDD and a GPU based on GCN 2.0 architecture with a power of 6 TFLOPs that is equivalent, more or less, to a RX 580.

Despite the difference we see in terms of TFLOPs it is clear that Xbox Series S is superior to Xbox One X. Its CPU, based on the Zen 2 architecture, is light years from the Xbox One X Jaguar, its GDDR6 memory will offer greater bandwidth, the SSD will reduce load times and eliminate the limitations imposed by the HDD, and its GPU The latest generation will offer higher gaming performance and will be compatible with the latest technologies in the sector.

If the price of 300 dollars-euros And Xbox Series S is capable of moving next-gen games in 1440p in an acceptable way, it may end up being a best seller.

We do not yet have an exact release date, but it is said that its arrival will coincide with that of Xbox Series X, which places it later this year.


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