Xbox Lockhart has been referenced in a series of usage profiles in Windows 10 files and opens the door to what would be the inexpensive variant of the Xbox Series X It will arrive at Christmas.

Xbox Lockhart would come to be to the Xbox Series X what the current One S means for the One X, a less powerful variant, but with a much cheaper price and access to the entire Microsoft gaming ecosystem.

The truth is that before the official presentation of the new generation of Microsoft consoles, the development of several versions was already rumored, although so far only one version has been confirmed for the high-end. An economic variant makes perfect sense. The price is a critical point for the sale of consoles and Xbox Series X will not be exactly cheap.

As for features, it’s still the same eight-core Zen 2 processor, 12GB of GDDR6 memory, a second-generation Radeon RDNA GPU with ray-tracing support, and a PCIE SSD with less capacity than the X-Series to reduce the final sale price.

Phil Spencer anticipates more consoles: Xbox Lockhart? Or others?

Video games are becoming more and more more device independent and increasingly dependent on streaming, the cloud and the Internet. Big names like Google, Sony, Amazon, or Microsoft itself have marketed or are running game streaming services, and with the growing appeal of smartphones as gaming devices, we have to wonder where consoles and physical media fit into the future of games.

In fact, we have repeatedly analyzed whether and how the market is, the new generation of Xbox Series X and PS5 would be the last traditional consoles that would hit the market. Xbox boss Phil Spencer bets on new consoles in the future.

In a new interview with Wired about Microsoft’s multiple approach to the next generation of video games, one that includes PCs, next-gen hardware, game streaming, and the Xbox Series X, Spencer says that Microsoft will produce more consoles in the futureAnd that focus may not stray from playing games on a TV as fast as some people think.

“I like watching television. I like to play games on television. It’s where I play most of the time, “said Spencer. “I think there will be, for a long time, a world where people want to play on a TV, and we are committed to that and will deliver great console experiences. I don’t think Xbox Series X is our last console. I think we will make more consoles so that this great television gaming experience works and is delicious, “he says.

Obviously Spencer cannot be objective because his intention is to continue selling consoles. Another thing is that the market dictates a different type of approach where there is no current dependence on gaming machines. We do not know if the executive was referring to the Xbox Lockhart or other machines that could be released later. Just in case, Microsoft is running the XCloud project.


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