Jules Verne, wanted to reach “20 thousand Leagues Under the Sea” but, Russia almost succeeded. The unmanned submarine “Vityaz-D”, managed to descend more than 10 thousand meters in the Pacific Ocean, reaching el deepest point on Earth. A historical record, which places the government of Vladimir Putin as a milestone in the underwater archeology.

But not only that. The autonomous vehicle had time to explore the Marine Trench within the Philippine Sea and stay in place for three hours, long enough to document in images and video what was around him and even, he was able to take some samples.


According to the Foundation for Advanced Research, laway from the deepest point of the Earth at sea level, it is even larger than the highest peak on Earth, Mount Everest. Only a few expeditions have reached the bottom of the ditch due to the extreme pressure of the water at its lowest points, making it a real challenge for any piece of equipment, but ehe submarine managed to conquer 10,228 meters under the sea.

In addition to making a mapping, the underwater drone, capable of carrying out topographic, bathymetric records from the drinking area seabed samples and make current, temperature measurements and other parameters, cput a pennant in the background dedicated to 75th anniversary of World War II, where the Great Patriotic War fought against the German army in 1945.

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“This is the first of the experiments scheduled under the Vitya projectz. It was carried out together with Russian shippers and scientific teams from the Russian Academy of Sciences, with the support of the Pacific Fleet, ”said the director of the foundation, Andrei Grigoriev, to Sputnik.

According to the Moscow newspaper, the drone has a system artificial intelligence, which allows you independently avoid obstacles and find an escape point in limited spaces. In addition, the contributions made from the data obtained, may serve for future research on an international level.

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Although in 2019, the American explorer Victor Vescovo, dropped to almost 11 thousand meters Inside the same grave that attracts thousands of tourists annually, discovering that even on the seabed, there are remains of human garbage.

However, Russia makes a great contribution, as in greater depth, the challenges also become greater. While the submarines they descend, the air and the solar rays fade away, making the environment darker, more hostile, but certainly fascinating.


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