It is not a new rumor, I have been reading about some hypothetical AirPods Studio, although it is true that the last days these hit with more force than ever, and even point, as we can read on MacRumors, that its production would already be underway and, therefore, its final arrival on the market would be closer than previously thought.

And what do we know so far about the AirPods Studio? In case you did not know anything about them until now, we would be talking about a large wireless headband headphones, that is, nothing to do with normal and pro AirPods existing today, with noise reduction, and that would therefore target a totally different audience. Of course, although their name points to the professional segment, most likely they are actually aimed at private users looking for premium products and, in addition, they are especially attracted to everything related to Apple.

As for dates, the rumors affirm that, since production has already started, its presentation could be imminent, and more specifically point to the next WWDC, to be held in less than 30 days. Of course, in order not to saturate the event with too many launches, it is likely that they were announced around it, but in a separate event.

Rumors so far suggest that AirPods Studio would go on sale for around $ 349 and that there will be various options: leather and more breathable fabrics suitable for use while doing sports. For their part, both the ear cushions and the headband band would have an easy replacement system.

A particularly interesting aspect is that, if the rumors were to be fulfilled, the AirPods Studio would have a large number of sensors that, among other things,They would analyze the head and neck to try to determine its orientation.. That is to say, it would no longer be necessary to look on which side is the R and on which the L. Simply put the headphones, and they themselves would know which side they have to send each signal to.

What’s the point of AirPods Studio?

A little knowledgeable that you are in the market for headphones, surely you have noticed that the ones shown in the image above are Beats. Yes, exactly, Doctor Dre’s project to produce high-quality headphones which, six years ago, was acquired by Apple. That is, Apple already has in its catalog some headphones that would rival the AirPods Studio in the market.

Without going into the quality of the Beats, about which it is possible to hear opinions of all types, what is undoubted is that Apple does not seem to have ever tried to incorporate them under the umbrella of the apple. It is a known fact that the brand of headphones belongs to Apple, both promote each other and it is possible to buy the Beats in the stores (physical and online) of those of Cupertino. But they have never gone further, and it is still possible to find people who do not know the link between the two companies.

And it is in this context that AirPods Studio makes perfect sense. A cursory analysis could make us think that these headphones would be direct competition for the Beats, but shortly after we stop to analyze the brand image of Apple and Beats, we see that although with coinciding points, they point to different market segments.

Beats’ more youthful and light-hearted image doesn’t quite fit into a more senior audience, looking for proposals with more sober designs, less striking colors and more noble materials. I am not pretending to say that one option is better than another, that I am not misunderstood, what I am pointing out is that the design counts a lot, and that in this respect the proposals of the AirPods Studio and Beats sail in very different waters.

So, I think Apple intends to reach a customer, one of its types of customer, who might be interested in Beats based on their performance and sound quality, but that ldiscards you because their brand image does not fit. And it may seem silly, but of course, when a person is going to invest more than 300 euros in headphones, the sound quality is only one of the many aspects that are taken into account.

This does not mean that the AirPods Studio are going to be “elegant” Beats. According to rumors, the production of the same would be carried out by the same supplier that is already responsible for the standard AirPods and the Pro. There will surely be more differences, but in my opinion, I do not think that these are related to the decision. Apple to market these headphones within the AirPod family. The key, in my opinion, is reach those users who would already buy some Beats if instead of calling like that they will be called AirPods Studio.


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