A worker at one of Amazon’s logistics centers has died of coronavirus in New York.

Employees of the center have been asking for increases in security measures since March and, although Amazon has made changes, the number of cases continues to increase.

The worker at the JFK8 logistics center attended his work until April 5 when he was quarantined for symptoms. On April 11, he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and died on May 4.

Last week Amazon, during the presentation of its financial results, announced that it will invest $ 4 billion in the fight against the coronavirus. Unfortunately, many assure that the precautionary measures implemented are still insufficient.

The logistics center JFK8 It was the first of several in which its employees organized protests about the lack of care and security to avoid contagions in the workplace.

It is not the first worker of Amazon in a logistics center that dies. It already happened on March 31 in Hawthorne, California. The second worked at Tracy, in the same state he died on April 1.

Only one of Amazon’s large facilities has been closed in the United States by order of the state government. In France they have been closed since April 16 after a judge ruled that home deliveries should be limited to food and medical equipment.

The Spanish government threatened Amazon at the end of March, demanding more security measures for its workers, at risk of closing the facilities in San Fernando de Henares, near Madrid.

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Amazon responds by laying off employees organizing protests

Amazon has responded by dismissing the first organizer of the first protest that took place at JFK8, Christan SmallsVice recently released a leaked memo detailing plans to discredit him.

In April, it also fired two employees from the experience design team after the group to which they belong organized an event to listen to the workers’ complaints in the logistical centers.

Consequently, the director of engineering at Amazon, Tim bray, he resigned, assuring that “staying in the position would be in favor of actions that I abhor.”

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