We all like free things, but at the same time they generate us some mistrust in case they carry some kind of commitment or obligation, a reality that HP has known how to do with HP Instant Ink, an automated ink service and at home that we can try it completely free of charge, and without compromises.

Do you want to print 15 pages in full color, with the quality of your choice and totally free? Well then read on, this article interests you. To enjoy those 15 free pages you need:

There is no small print, that is, you do not assume any type of commitment or obligation. I know what you’re thinking, so why do I have to enter a payment method if they won’t charge me anything? Don’t worry, it has an explanation.

When you sign up for the free HP Instant Ink plan, you will have 15 free pages per month available. If one month you need to print more pages you can buy packs of 10 pages for one euro. That is why you provide a payment method, so that if you need to print more pages a month, you do not have to waste time entering new data.

How does the free HP Instant Ink plan work and what does it include?

After completing the registration, we will receive, in approximately ten days, a pack of original HP ink cartridges compatible with our printer, but the service will not start until we install them in the printer. This means that if we still have ink from the last cartridges we have bought, nothing happens, we can wait to spend them and install the new cartridges whenever we want.

Once we install the cartridges, the printer checks the ink levels, detects when they are low and order new cartridges before they run out the ones we are using. We will not have to worry about the ink, and we will receive the new cartridges at home and without shipping costs.

As we have advanced at the beginning the free HP Instant Ink plan allows us print 15 pages a month for free, and with total freedom. This means that we can print both black and white documents and photos in full color. It doesn’t matter what ink we spend printing, just that 15 page limit. And don’t worry if you’re afraid to neglect yourself and get over it, before that happens HP will send you a notice to your email so you know what pages you have left.

And what happens to the cartridges you spend? HP remains committed to the environment, allowing you to recycle all spent cartridges without incurring any expense. The different HP Instant Ink cartridge packs that you will receive include envelopes with postage paid that you can use to recycle cartridges.

The free HP Instant Ink plan includes the same as the different payment plans:

Automated orders.
Home delivery and no additional costs.
All the original HP ink you need to print your 15 pages per month.
Recycling program.

You have no commitment, there is no fine print. You have 15 free pages per month that you can print as you like, and you can unsubscribe or change your plan at any time. Keep in mind, though, that if you go from the free plan to a paid plan then you will not be able to go back to the first, it is the only limitation that exists.

What if I need to print more what can I do?

You can change your plan at any time. As we have said previously with HP Instant Ink you have no commitment, you decide how you want to consume your pages and you can move to both a higher plan and a lower plan without problem, with the only limitation we have indicated on the free plan.

These are the payment plans offered by HP Instant Ink:

50 pages per month for 2.99 euros: occasional printing plan, you can expand in packs of 10 pages for one euro. It is a good plan if you print occasionally.
100 pages per month for 4.99 euros: moderate printing plan, you can expand in packs of 15 pages for one euro. Good option for those who print moderately.
300 pages per month for 9.99 euros: frequent printing plan, you can expand in packs of 20 pages for one euro. If you print almost every day do not hesitate, it is your plan.
700 pages per month for 19.99 euros: printing plan for those who print a lot, you can expand in packs of 20 pages for one euro. For those who print every day, or frequently and in large quantities.

If one month you need to print more, you can also expand in page packs or change to a higher plan. Otherwise, that is, if you do not consume all the pages you have available in your payment plan for a month, you are will accumulate and they will be available for next month. Free plan pages do not accumulate.

You have doubts? Leave them in the comments and we help you solve them.


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