If we talk about veteran applications, the Windows Notepad it is in the TOP 5 in its own right. And it seems like a lie, but its first version saw the light of the hand of Windows 1.0, back in 1985. Yes, from its origins this simple but practical and highly valued application has been part of Windows. And also without experiencing practically any change. If you know how to use the 1985 version, it would only take you a couple of minutes to get used to the “novelties” that it has experienced over three and a half decades.

In recent months, however, Notepad has been the center of the conversation at various times. The first was when, about a year ago, this utility was published in the Windows application store. An interesting move that was, however, somewhat abruptly corrected when, without explanation, was no longer available for download in November from last year. Even at this point we still do not know the reason (or reasons) why Microsoft made that decision.

More recently, last February it was announced that both the pad and the veteran Paint would become optional in Windows 10. Goodbye to decades of being an indissoluble duo (or a trio, if you count Paint). And today, after several months of absence, Notepad has returned to the app store, from where it can be downloaded by any user who does not have it and wishes to have it. A necessary move, of course based on the move announced by Microsoft two months ago.

Beyond the optionality, one of the key points that Notepad is now in the app store, is that in this way it is likely that its frequency of updates will increase, as well as that this will translate into further evolution of the samea (something that, yes, may not like everyone). At the moment, and in this line, the latest version, which can be downloaded from here, does include some new features.

The first that, although not more remarkable, is the one that you will discover before, is a new icon, but the interesting thing comes when you double click on it. And is that text search and replace tool has been improved, making it now have “memory” (that is, it remembers the values ​​from the last time it was used). Another improved function is the zoom, which now has keyboard and mouse shortcuts, as well as a permanent indicator of its level at that time.

Other improvements available in this new version of Notepad are:

Performance improvements when opening large files in Notepad.
Ctrl + Backspace allows you to delete the previous word.
When saving a file in Notepad, the line and column number are no longer reset to 1.
Notepad now correctly displays lines that do not fit completely on the screen.
Line number improvements when text wrapping is on.

Source: MSPoweruser


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