After the release of the latest Windows 10 updates, some problems have been identified that affect certain users and that cause a significant performance loss, a slowing effect that primes on everything with start times of the computer, and that affects even those who use high-performance SSD drives.

It has not yet been possible to identify exactly the culprit, although everything seems to indicate that it could be a bug at the compatibility level with the drivers or with some intrinsic element of the update itself. We know that Windows 10 updates KB4535996, KB4540673 and KB455176 can cause this slowdown, so if you have recently installed them and you notice that your computer has lost fluidity, you already know what may have happened.

This rekindles the controversy that Microsoft is dragging for Windows 10 updates and the issue of drivers that do not finish offering a high degree of compatibility, a topic that we already saw in this article. Luckily we can solve this problem in a relatively simple way, and then we are going to explain all the steps you must take.

How to resolve slow startup after installing the latest Windows 10 updates

The first thing we should do is make sure that we have these updates installed and that the problems we are experiencing fit the symptoms we’ve described: slow startup with no apparent explanation and sudden performance losses when running applications or performing certain tasks that also have no explanation.

Let’s go to «Start> Settings» and in «Updates and Security> See Update History» We look for updates KB4535996, KB4540673 and KB455176 installed.

Once we have everything confirmed we enter into matter. To solve these problems we have no choice but to uninstall the Windows 10 updates that we have mentioned, without more. It is a very simple process, since we can do it through the option “Uninstall updates” that appears in that same section (in «See Update History»).

When we have completed the process we must restart the computer and ready, performance problems and slow start-up process They should have been totally outdated. Keep in mind that these problems may vary depending on the equipment we have and the configuration and applications that we have installed, that is, it does not affect everyone equally.

Therefore, some users may have been able to install these updates. and that your equipment works correctly, while others may have encountered the problems we have mentioned in more or less concrete situations.


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