Pending the release of the final version of Windows 10 May 2020 Update that we expect for next week, we receive some informal but relevant information for the future of the development and distribution of the operating system: Windows 10 2009 will be another Service Pack.

Multiple log entries from the latest Windows 10 trial build, discovered by Windows Latest, reveal that Microsoft will focus on a “minimized feature set” and performance and quality improvements for the upcoming fall update. Or what is the same, it will be a minor update that will use the concept of «Service Pack» again.

Windows 10 2009 shares an identical set of system files with the spring version. It is not unusual considering that there are still six months to launch and that Microsoft works on the basis of incremental updates. New is the presence of a “master switch” that would activate a “Enabling package” to change from one version to another by means of a cumulative update. The reading of this is the commented one, the definitive recovery of the Service Pack in Windows 10.

Windows 10 2009, better service pack than more errors

The new “Windows-as-a-service” model implemented for Windows 10 makes it easier to develop, add features, and support new technologies. Definitely, keep the system up to date with a base core and constant evolution through a rolling release method similar to that used by GNU / Linux distributions.

Microsoft gambled heavily and considered releasing two major versions each year. That was the initial idea, but once it was shown that the company is not able to keep up, with sounded stability fiascos, analysts, companies and consumers have called for changes in the distribution of the system.

Microsoft already resurrected in 2019 these service packages that were used in Windows 7 and previous systems and everything indicates that this will be the future strategy. Whether out of conviction or necessity, Microsoft hits. The Windows ecosystem is so gigantic that every computer, component, interface, or application cannot be guaranteed to function properly with new features every six months.

Thus, the original idea of ​​delivering two major annual updates would be moved to one with a spring launch, plus the reinforcement of an additional service package in the fall to improve its performance and stability, but without adding new features. Better less news, but higher quality in development. If confirmed, Windows 10 2009 will arrive between September and October as a minor update.


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