Google will allow Microsoft Office – and other business applications in the Windows ecosystem – to run on any Chromebook. It will do so thanks to an agreement with Parallels, a well-known company in the field of software virtualization.

Chrome Enterprise customers will be able to enjoy this functionality starting this fall. Parallels Desktop will be integrated into the Chrome OS, so owners of a Chromebook will be able to run applications designed for Windows – like Microsoft Office – even without an internet connection.

Google has revealed this improvement in an extensive post published on its official blog. It covers the evolution of remote work and how the COVID-19 has accelerated this trend.

The Chromebooks, for the business market

Image: Unsplash.

The boom in remote work caused by the coronavirus pandemic has caused many companies to start looking for versatile solutions that allow their employees to work from anywhere, but always taking into account aspects such as safety, costs and machine maintenance. .

A Chromebook, in this sense, has a lot to contribute. They are machines that require very little maintenance over time and, in addition, it is easy to find inexpensive models in the main distributors – which allows reducing costs.

Clearly, Google wants to take this opportunity to attract more people to Chromebooks. And the newly announced compatibility with Windows applications is a very important step in that direction. Companies that decide to go for a Chromebook will be able to continue using the same software, instead of resorting to alternative tools –which entails data migration, learning to use the new software, etc.–.

Last May, Google announced the arrival of more and better Chromebooks to the Spanish market. Until then, the number of Chrome OS computers available in Spain was very limited. However, the North American company seems to have redoubled efforts so that its equipment is present in all large stores. This move


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