If the diagnosis and monitoring of the spread of the coronavirus is already complicated in developed countries, this reality worsens in those with fewer resources. For this reason, the World Health Organization (WHO) wants to launch its own software for disadvantaged areas.

It has been revealed by an agency official to Reuters, who anticipates the Launch of an application similar to the one that can be found operating in Spain and other countries of the world. It will allow, through a simple battery of questions, to offer information about whether or not one may have been infected.

“The value is high for countries that have nothing,” says the WHO official. He ensures that those with fragile health systems cannot be “left behind.” The application would also be able to offer information about where you can go for treatment or an effective diagnosis of coronavirus.

The organization hopes that some Latin American and African countries they can benefit from the initiative, although any Government may use it. The app will be published in app stores globally, making its technology available to whoever needs it.

Tracking and traceability

In addition to the self-assessment, one of the most interesting news that the app could include is the follow-up of infections of coronavirus. This has become one of the main objectives around the world, even leading to the union of Apple and Google in this regard. Both companies focus their efforts on developing a technology that enables this quality to be implemented in millions of smartphones around the globe.

The WHO has not yet confirmed that this option will be available, nor is it clear when the proposal will be launched by Californian technology companies in other countries. In the latter case, it is planned to become natively integrated into smartphones, requiring only the consent of the user to enter into operation.

Its effectiveness has been proven in areas such as South Korea, capable of identifying possible exposures to contagion in a short period of time after confirming a positive case.

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