WhatsApp is one of the crown jewels of Facebook and as such, it enjoys an active development in which the stability of the service prevails, but also the news most demanded by people. Proof of this would be the expansion of up to 50 people in group video chats in which its developers work, or the flexibility of that function through the replication of Facebook Messenger Rooms.

But there are other features that many of the WhatsApp users would certainly appreciate, such as the possibility of add contacts without the need to share the phone number, as it happens in alternatives to WhatsApp like Telegram, but also like Facebook Messenger. Will there ever be a day when something so simple and yet so rewarding in terms of security and privacy can be done? Not yet, but …

But the new beta version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS has shown its little leg this week and at WABetaInfo they have taken the usual look at it, discovering in the process that its managers are trying to use QR codes to add new contacts quickly and easily and without having to exchange the phone number. In other words, what is exchanged is the QR code that the user will find in the application’s preferences.

Now, get disenchanted if you are imagining that everyone who has added to WhatsApp has access to your phone number is over, because it will not be like that, at least in the short term. As detailed in WABetaInfo, «the support of QR codes […] it is not a way to hide your phone number », because«the QR code is always linked to the phone number«. Maybe later.

What does seem certain is that this new method to speed up contact is coming soon to the stable version of the application for Android and iOS; And just in case it gets out of hand to share QR codes -for example, over the Internet-, WhatsApp will allow you to revoke them as many times as necessary.


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