The WhatsApp payment platform will now start strongly on your
on its way to becoming one of the most popular options for shipping and
receive money.

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WhatsApp Payments is one of the
most ambitious WhatsApp projects in recent years. Mark’s company
Zuckerberg has been testing a mobile payment system for some time through which
users can transfer money quickly and immediately with others
contacts through WhtatsApp.

The beta of this service started
in 2018, and from that moment some users in India were able to access
WhatsApp Payments, however, Android Police mentions that the company of
Zuckerberg is ready to exit beta and make the launch of
its payment platform across India at the end of the month.

More banks and available to more users

WhatsApp’s mission is that your
Users can send and receive money to whoever they want, so for
The company has had to enter into talks with the different banks in the country.
to implement their service and that transfers are made quickly and
users can see their money reflected in a short time after making the

This is what it looks like
delayed to WhatsApp to launch their service officially, but the source
He mentions that it seems that they have achieved their mission, since initially the banks that
will work with WhatsApp Payments: ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank and the
State Bank of India, which are 4 of the most important financial institutions
from this country.

Of course they are not the only ones
banks that exist in India, but these will also be integrated
gradually to the platform in the following weeks or months. Apparently
the decision not to include all or most banks from the start
It will also be to avoid that the servers are saturated and there are problems with the
application in that country.

Mexico and Spain are on the list

WhatsApp Payments will come to
Mexico and Spain at some point, it is known why it was discovered in the code
of the application in one of its beta versions, however, it is likely that
WhatsApp managers in each of these countries continue in talks with
different financial institutions to launch the service.

In the case of Mexico there is the
possibility that WhatsApp Payments works similarly to Mercado Pago,
that is, that transfers are allowed in the app and that the user can
have a balance in your account, which you can then transfer to your bank without
problem, or you may have it in your WhatsApp Payments account.

In fact, it had been mentioned that
WhatsApp Payments plans also included allowing businesses
charge with the platform through QR codes, just as Mercado does
Payment in Latin America, so this platform could be one of the
main rivals for Mercado Libre in Mexico if in the end this
same method of payment and transfers.




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