WhatsApp It has been updated, both on iOS and Android, to receive one of the news most requested by users of the service. From today, the application already allows you to make video calls with up to 8 people, an ideal option in these times of confinement. It should be noted that the update began its deployment since yesterday, although in some countries they accessed it just a few hours ago. Be patient if you don’t see it available in your region yet.

Facebook accelerated its strategy with video calls due to the coronavirus quarantine. They want to stand up to Zoom

It is important to note that if you and your contacts want to take advantage of the new feature, they must have the latest WhatsApp update installed, which in iOS is version 2.20.50. Otherwise it will not be possible to start the conversation. One of the big doubts that persists is if the call is encrypted from end to end, as it happens when two people talk. Facebook has not commented on it, but we assume that the proposal with 8 people also has the same level of security.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook accelerated its strategy to have a greater presence in the video calls sector. Last Friday they announced Rooms, a Messenger feature with which it will be possible to make calls in the Zoom style – gallery mode. Right now it has support for up to 8 people, however in the near future they will expand that number to 50, so it won’t take long to become another serious competitor on the market.

Perhaps the most important innovation of Rooms, also available at a later time, is that you can start the conversation from Instagram and WhatsApp, so it will not be necessary to have Facebook Messenger installed. Additionally, users can create private and public video calls; for the latter it is possible to generate a link and share it with anyone. The idea is that Rooms also works from the browser to avoid depending on applications.

As explained by those led by Mark Zuckerberg, the launch of these proposals was scheduled for a later date. However, they had to advance their plans before the growing demand generated during quarantine. It is clear that Zoom is dominating the market and many other competitors, including Skype and Google, are trying to gain a foothold in the market. In the coming weeks we will be able to see if the Facebook strategy was successful.

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