The expansion was implemented at a time when video conferencing applications became popular, due to social confinement due to the covid-19 pandemic.

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The messaging application
WhatsApp snapshot increased to eight the number of people who can
participate in group video calls, reports The Verge.

The new format is currently
available for iOS. Although the respective update is not yet offered
2.20.141 in Google Play Store, Android app store, you can
Download directly from the WhatsApp website.

Until now WhatsApp users
They could start group video calls with up to four participants.

The new limit requires, however,
that all participants have their application updated.

Collective video calls must
be initiated as a group chat call, or can also be added
people manually after the start of an individual call.

Innovation has been introduced in
through the social self-isolation regime established by many countries to
combat the covid-19 pandemic.

Other apps have also
Recently increased the limit of people in video calls: Google Duo to
12, Facetime at 32, Skype and Facebook Mesenger Rooms at 50 and Zoom at 100.




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