WhatsApp it is a more “brother” service to Facebook Messenger than we usually remember. And we must not forget that the Zuckerberg company acquired the popular instant messaging service six years ago, in 2014. Since then, and cyclically, the rumors have happened, and perhaps even some balloon-probe, about the alleged integration of the messaging service in the social network. Be that as it may, they have always been answered so forcefully (negatively, of course), that they had asked it or not, most likely Facebook considers it something close to an impossible mission.

This, however, does not mean that there is no connection between the two, more specifically the possibility of carrying out a transfer of ideas and functions in both directions. Whether their managers have a future project, or if they see that it is an impossible possibility and decide that both services compete with each other, but mainly against each other, it makes all the sense in the world to equip them with as many functions as possible. Yes, although they are redundant between both services.

That is the main reason why the rumor raised by Wabetainfo seems so feasible to me. According to this website, the Messenger Rooms opened just a few weeks ago, could soon arrive on Whatsapp. According to the website, yes, it would not be a 100% independent function. Instead, what Facebook is proposing is that the Messenger Rooms, although initially they are a function of the instant messaging service, are also accessible from WhatsApp and, of course. therefore I want to understand that it would not be necessary to have a user account on Facebook to be able to hold group video conferences.

At the moment the function would have been detected in a beta version of Whatsapp for Android, but despite this, the possibility is already raised that, in the first instance, it will only be available to Android users in the United States, and that later (quite quickly, yes) its deployment will occur to the rest of the world, as well as the jump to iOS. This would make perfect sense, of course, since those responsible for the IT infrastructure on which the service depends must surely scale adequately to support the volume of additional traffic that may be to come.

If the rumor is confirmed, it would become clear that, for some technology companies with messaging and video conferencing services, Zoom is the main rival to beat. And the time is optimal for this, since the security problems suffered by this service are added, with the substantial increase in the demand for communication solutions through the Internet. And it is not difficult for me to imagine many regular WhatsApp users leaving Zoom aside to make group videoconferences directly through the app that they usually use to communicate with their contacts.

I am concerned, of course, what will be Facebook’s policy regarding WhatsApp users who use the service. Will they have to register on the social network? Maybe a de facto record with your mobile phone number? What will happen to privacy? We still do not know if the rumor will be confirmed, but it is a good time to start asking these questions, lest the deployment of this function take us by surprise and without being clear about what policy we are going to apply with respect to it.


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