As we announced a couple of weeks ago, the recent surge in the use of applications for videoconferences and video calls has led many companies to update their conditions of use, either offering their services free of charge and temporarily, or as in the case of WhatsApp, improving its capabilities.

Available since yesterday, the latest update of the messaging application has enabled one of its latest features worldwide, with which we can make these free video calls with a new maximum capacity for up to eight people. However, to access the new increased participant limit, all participants must first make sure that their application is updated to the latest version of WhatsApp available on iPhone (2.20.50) or Android (2.20.123).

Additionally, WhatsApp also recently added a new feature to simplify the process of initiating these group calls. Whether from a personal or group chat, we can now find two new icons at the top of the conversation, with which we will make an audio or video call directly with all chat participants.

Although in the event that we want to make a call with people from different groups, we can also create our personalized calls. For this, we will only have to access the tab of “Calls”, in the upper central part of the WhatsApp menu, select the phone icon located in the lower right corner, and create a ┬źNew group call┬╗.

Remember that yes, unlike the groups and chats already created, to be able to add a person to one of these personalized group calls, first we must save your number in our contact memory.

Finally, although it still seems that we will not have direct support for this function in the WhatsApp Web application for computers, WhatsApp video calls they will also be available through the Facebook Portal, thus expanding its functionality to any of the company’s smart devices connected with the Alexa voice assistant.


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