The weekend is a good time to enjoy our favorite video games. We can dedicate more time and play them with peace of mind that we do not have during the week, although sometimes it is difficult to choose which titles we are going to dedicate that time, especially when we have several pending games.

I think I’m not wrong when I say that all video game lovers have accumulated games on more than one occasion, and in some cases we have reached the point of not finish some of them. I include myself among them, in fact I have some games that I haven’t even installed yet, although most of them are games that I got for free or through special promotions, such as the Humble Bundle, for example.

Last weekend I focused on Guild Wars 2 and The Division 2, but this weekend I have it clear, it plays Streets of Rage 4. I bought it on its launch day through Steam and I must say that I loved it, although it has not fully met my expectations, especially when it comes to the soundtrack. It is good, but I feel that it does not finish reaching the mastery of the previous installments.

It is not especially long, that is another detail that I did not like, but on a technical level it is a wonder and have one high replayability. I have finished it with Blaze, and this weekend I will take the opportunity to finish it with other characters, since the game experience changes with each of them thanks to their particularities and special abilities.

What video games are you going to play?

You already know my plan for this weekend, a good Streets of Rage 4 session on PC with the Xbox One controller. Maybe take a little time to continue advancing the map exploration achievement in Guild Wars 2, which I have a couple of pending areas, but most of the time it will go to the first, I have many characters to unlock and many points are needed for it!

Now it’s up to you to tell us what you are going to play this weekend. We read each other in the comments.


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