We have already told you what HP Instant Ink is, and you also know what you need to enjoy this ink replacement service at home, but do you know all plans available? Well read on, this article interests you.

First of all, we remind you that HP Instant Ink allows you to choose between a total of five plans, but this does not mean that you are permanently tied to one of them. With this service you do not make any kind of commitmentYou decide at all times what plan you want to be on, and you can freely switch to both a higher plan and a lower plan.

There is only one exception, and HP is totally transparent with this theme, the free printing plan. You can print 15 free pages per month without obligation, but if you abandon this plan to go to a paid one you will not be able to return, so keep that in mind.

HP Instant Ink plans

Free plan of 15 pages per month: You can expand in packs of 10 pages for one euro. A good option to test the service without spending money.
Occasional printing plan of 50 pages per month for 2.99 euros: We can expand in packs of 10 pages for one euro. This plan is a good option for those who print occasionally.
Moderate printing plan of 100 pages per month for 4.99 euros: we can expand in packs of 15 pages for one euro. An excellent alternative for those who print daily, but in small quantities.
Frequent printing plan of 300 pages per month for 9.99 euros: we can expand in packs of 20 pages for one euro. This plan is aimed at users who print frequently, as well as freelancers, small businesses and offices.
Professional printing plan of 700 pages per month for 19.99 euros: we can expand in packs of 20 pages for one euro. An ideal plan for users who print a lot every day, and also for SMEs and professionals who print daily and in large quantities.

If you do not consume all the pages that your plan includes, nothing happens, you are build up for next month, do not lose them, except in the free printing plan, which do not accumulate.

And what does each plan include?

All HP Instant Ink plans include:

The ink necessary to print all the pages we have available. It doesn’t matter the ink we spend, only the pages we consume.
Automated orders and delivery of new ink cartridges at home and without shipping costs.
Free recycling program, through which we can recycle all the cartridges we spend, and without effort.

You want to know more? Well don’t miss this free eBook, where you will find all the information about HP Instant Ink. You can download it for free in a few seconds.


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