To sign up for HP Instant Ink you need meet a number of fairly simple requirements that we explain to you at the time in this article. As you already know, the printer plays a very important role, since it will be in charge of checking the condition of the cartridges for you and of ordering new units from HP when necessary.

Orders are automated, and cartridges are shipped at home and without shipping costs, allowing us to enjoy total comfort, and thanks to the free printing plan we can test HP Instant Ink without any cost. This plan includes:

Automated orders: As we have said, the printer works for you, controls ink levels and requests new cartridges when necessary.
Free home delivery: All ink cartridges are shipped to your home, without any shipping cost.
Original HP ink: You will receive all the ink you need to print 15 pages a month at no cost.
You can expand your pages: If you need to print more, you can buy packs of 10 pages per month for one euro.
Cartridge recycling: includes a spent cartridge recycling program at no cost.

How does the free HP Instant Ink plan work?

It’s very easy, if you have a printer compatible with the service and an Internet connection, you can sign up for HP Instant Ink and select the free printing plan. Once you have finished the process you will receive, within ten days, service cartridges.

Please note that the monthly billing cycle it won’t start counting until you install those cartridges in the printer, so if you still have ink left from other cartridges you bought you won’t have anything to worry about, you can spend them first and then install the new cartridges you have received.

Once you install the cartridges you will be able to print 15 pages a month for free, in color or black and white, in maximum or minimum quality, as you want. If you exceed those 15 pages you can expand in packs of 10 pages for one euro or change to a payment plan, but keep in mind that if you abandon the free plan you will no longer be able to return.

By registering you do not assume any type of commitment, you decide at all times what you want to do, and HP will send you alerts when your pages are about to run out so you are always well informed.

Interesting, right? If you want to discover everything that HP Instant Ink offers and know the different plans that it integrates, do not miss this free eBook, where you will find All the information you need.


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