What is HP Instant Ink? It is a question that, even today, many users are asking for alternatives to save money by printing from home. It is normal, HP Instant Ink is a relatively new service that has been much commented lately, although it has not always been approached with an appropriate perspective.

In this article we want to help you discover what exactly is HP Instant Ink so that you are clear, in a direct and simple way, how it can help you print from home with total comfort and without you having to worry about ink again. As always, if you have any type of question you can leave it in the comments and we will help you solve it.

HP Instant Ink: automated ink at home

That is, without a doubt, the best way we have to define HP Instant Ink, it is an on-demand ink service it works in a totally automated and at home. This means that:

When you sign up, the printer controls the ink levels automatically.
The printer takes care of ordering new ink cartridges before the ones you are using run out.
You receive the new ink cartridges at home, without shipping costs.
All cartridges you receive are from Original HP ink.

All this translates into total comfort, since you will not have to worry about ink again, and you can also print with total freedom, since it does not matter the ink you spend, only the pages you print. Thus, a color page is worth the same as a black and white page, and if one month you print 100 pages and spend four ink cartridges and in another month you print 100 pages but spend eight ink cartridges nothing will happen, in both cases you will have paid the same, 4.99 euros, which is the cost of the moderate printing plan.

HP Instant Ink works through a simple subscription system where you choose a plan that includes a certain number of pages that you can print per month for a fixed amount. You can buy more pages or change your plan at any time if you need it, without penalties, and you will also have a free recycling program that will allow us to recycle all the cartridges we spend.

Interesting, right? You want to know more? Well don’t miss this free eBook, where you will find everything you need to know about HP Instant Ink.


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