The world of cinema has turned, on more than one occasion, to the world of video games for inspiration. In some cases we have seen movies that took the history of certain video games as a starting point, but without becoming a complete adaptation and direct from those, and in other cases we can speak of complete adaptations despite the “licenses” that the directors have allowed.

I think one of the clearest and best known examples is the franchise resident Evil. The first video game in the series came in 1996 and had its first film adaptation in 2002. In general, that first film was quite faithful to the plot and the bases of the Capcom franchise, but little by little that similarity was diluted until such a point that the only thing that both series had in common was the name.

I understand that adapting a video game to the big screen is complicated, especially since you have to adapt many hours of content to a strip of between 1.30 and 3 hours, and also because you have to assume the limitations of shooting with real actors. However, it is curious to see that some titles that were especially difficult to bring to the world of cinema ended up showing a more than worthy result.

The first movie of Mortal Kombat is an example in this regard. Yes, I know that seeing it now gives us more than a laugh, but we have to contextualize it to make a fair assessment. This movie was released in nineteen ninety five, and despite the limitations of the time and budget, he recreated the Mortal Kombat universe with great mastery.

DOOM: a mythical video game with catastrophic films

I think it’s probably the most bleeding case within the bad adaptations of video games to the world of cinema. Yes, I know that there are many candidates for the title of worst adaptation, but in my opinion DOOM, the film that was released in 2005, is the clear winner.

It is true that it was not a total failure at the box office, but it was an absolute disappointment for fans of the id Software franchise, actually only his last minutes were saved thanks to the director’s decision to adopt the camera in the first person and send a “wink” to the fans. DOOM: Annihilation is so bad that it doesn’t even deserve to be considered.

I haven’t forgotten about other disasters like Blood Rayne (and generally almost everything Uwe Boll did), but seeing the potential that DOOM has, the expectations that the film generated for me at the time and the bad taste in my mouth when I went to see it at the cinema, force me to choose it as the worst adaptation of a video game to the world of cinema , although as I have already said any of Mr. Boll’s chestnuts would be worthy of receiving this “recognition”.

I was also quite disappointed Double dragon, released back in 1993, but I only got to see it once and I don’t have a complete memory that allows me to value it properly, so when in doubt I leave it out. Now it’s your turn, what has been, in your opinion, the worst adaptation of a video game to the cinema? We read each other in the comments.

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