The smartphone sector has undergone a very large evolution in the last ten years. This type of device has become one of the star products of the technological world, and today they are almost like «Pocket PCs», since with them we can do almost anything.

Do you need to take a photo, want to listen to music, enjoy your favorite series or play? You only need one device, your smartphone, and with it you can also surf the Internet, perform simple office tasks, send emails, record video and much more. Its value is beyond doubt, think for a moment about all the “junk” that you will have to carry with you in the nineties to cover part of the functions that a smartphone performs, and what you would have had to pay for all they.

However, this positive evolution has had a very negative consequence, and that is that we have deviated towards a planned obsolescence very marked that it has tried to force the renewal cycles to levels that, frankly, are unsustainable. We cannot change our smartphone every year, in fact it is totally unnecessary.

How long does a smartphone last? The user is, in the end, the one who decides

The moment you buy a smartphone, you are aware that its end will come in a specific time. For example, a high-end Android smartphone will receive two years of operating system updates, and three years of security updates. However, within a year it will be surpassed by a new model, which will make it devalue and make you feel an “unwarranted” need to change it.

Something similar happens with the iPhone, although with nuances. Apple also releases new smartphones every year, but are less affected by that devaluation and they have much longer support. Models such as the iPhone 5s, for example, have received operating system updates for almost six years, and in fact it is, to this day, a terminal that we can use perfectly.

In the end it is the user who ends up deciding the useful life of a smartphone. For some, that iPhone 5s may have had a life of only two years, while others still use it today. The same is true of many other terminals, which can perfectly cover your needs but which you may have discarded due to having a new terminal, with better features or with a more striking design.

In my case, smartphones last me a minimum of two years. I was using the iPhone 4S for three yearsI used the Galaxy S6 for a little over two years, and I do not plan to change my current iPhone 8 Plus in the medium term, so I think this will be the smartphone that will be with me the longest, since in October It will be three years old and I hope I can rush it until four years.

Now it’s your turn, which has been the smartphone that you have used for the longest time? We read each other in the comments.


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