In recent days a roll on the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field. And before you run into threads on Twitter about unlikely catastrophes, we started to review the information released by the European Space Agency (ESA) about what is happening on our planet.

First of all, it is worth saying that this weakening is within the parameters of fluctuations. So calm down, but it doesn’t hurt to know What are ESA’s observations on the South Atlantic Anomaly? and the magnetic field.

#PorSiTeLoPerdiste – @esa’s Swarm constellation studies the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field

– ESA Spain (@esa_es) May 24, 2020

The South Atlantic Anomaly

What what? On May 24, ESA published information on observations made in Earth’s magnetic field, in the area extending from Africa to South America. This area is known as the Anomaly of the South Atlantic.

According to these observations, scientists came across that the earth’s magnetic field is being gradually weakening —In the last 200 years it has lost about 9% of its strength. The area with the highest incidence has been the South Atlantic Anomaly.

Photo: @esa.

And then? What is extraordinary in these observations? Geophysical researchers have realized that this weakening is causing technical disturbances in the satellites that orbit our planet.

And this led them to think that so far not much is known about the South Atlantic Anomaly or weakening. So, to keep up with this phenomenon, scientists have started a more exhaustive investigation with the help of the Swarm satellite constellation —Belonging to ESA.

Earth’s magnetic field

As you know, the magnetic field is a layer that protects us —Or it protects Earth— from electrically charged particles from space or solar radiation.

If the South Atlantic Anomaly did not exist, the Earth could not harbor life, because living things would die from radiation.

So, This is the importance of studying the Anomaly of the South Atlantic and see what happens to the weakening of the magnetic field.

In the period from 1970 to 2020 the intensity of the field in this area decreased from 24 thousand nanoteslas to 22 thousand, while at at the same time this anomaly grew and moved westward.

Then in the last five years, a second center of intensity emerged in southwestern Africa, indicating that the South Atlantic Anomaly could be divided in two. Interesting, right?

Photo: Getty Images

There are researchers who have speculated that this phenomenon would end in the reversal of the poles.. In other words, the magnetic poles could change places – something that has happened in various periods of the Earth.

Peeeeeero, they are only hypotheses. At this point, the origin of the South Atlantic Anomaly is still unknown and to know what will happen to the movements that occur in this area, it is necessary to continue with observations based on information from ESA satellites.


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