A few days ago we told you that Microsoft was preparing an event dedicated to Xbox Series X for some time in May, information that, in the end, has been fulfilled. The Redmond giant has confirmed through Twitter the Inside Xbox event, which will take place May 7.

There is no doubt that Xbox Series X will be the star of the event, but it will be focused on demonstrate their potential through games. This means that we know the first games that this console will receive and we will be able to see them in motion, which will allow us to get a rough idea of ​​the real potential that it will be able to offer.

I say this because although on paper the Xbox Series X specifications are very good in the end the important thing is to see what they can really give of themselves in games. Remember, for example, all the expectation generated by the consoles of the current generation when their raw specifications were given and what happened next.

What can we expect from the Xbox Series X event?

I think Microsoft will take the opportunity to demonstrate not only the graphic improvements of its next-generation console, but it will also try to focus a part of the event on the ray tracing and in the advanced technologies that this console will include, such as reduced dynamic latency.

Ray tracing is a rendering technology that allows you to create realistic lighting, reflections, and shadows, but it is very demanding and it cannot be applied in its three aspects in current games, in fact we have already seen that even in games as simple as Quake 2 RTX it has such an enormous impact that not even an RTX 2080 TI can move it in a totally stable way in maximum quality without throwing dynamic resolution.

We should therefore not expect Xbox Series X to be able to use ray tracing optimally, but rather in a similar way to what we have seen in games like Battlefield V, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Metro Exodus, applied to a specific aspect.

As for the games that we could see during the presentation, I think Halo: Infinite will be one of the great protagonists, and the improved version of Gears 5, Minecraft RTX and new franchise installments Forza and Fable.

I can not finish without highlighting how well Microsoft is doing with the previous stage of Xbox Series X. The company has known how to see the mistakes it made with Xbox One, and the rhythm is set in the new generation, a rhythm that Sony, at the moment, cannot follow.

You want to see games for the Xbox Series X? We want to show you games for the Xbox Series X.

Check out First Look next-gen gameplay from our global developers partners within #InsideXbox on Thursday, May 7 at 8am PT. pic.twitter.com/xVdgIeRBJX

– Xbox (@Xbox) April 30, 2020


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