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I don’t care at which table, it’s the same. I just want to have the door in plain view if you don’t mind. No, I will eat alone, thank you very much. That’s right, I’d rather sit here. As I said I need to see the door. No, I’m not waiting for anyone. Yes, it is a kind of hobby, what are you going to do ha ha ha. If you don’t mind, you will bring me a beer, yes. In the meantime, I’m going to the bathroom, could you tell me where it is? Thank you. Hey? No, don’t bother, I’ll have my beer like this. No, nothing happens because it is not cold and the foam has dropped. The fault is mine for taking so long in the bathroom. Excuse me, it’s my bag, I’ll tuck it further under my seat so you don’t trip.

Hello, yes, look. Since I’m in a hurry I’ll eat a salad and something grilled, the easiest thing you can do. No, no omelette. Great, if it is your specialty I will have to come back another day to try it. At the moment only a salad, thanks. Yes, quickly if it can be. As I said, I’m in a hurry. No, the salad was fine, I just don’t have much of an appetite, do you mind taking a moment? Nothing, what were you saying to me? Yes, please bring me the grilled steak. You can take the salad. No, really nothing is wrong with the salad. Don’t trade it for something else. Oh thank you. Do you mind pulling away again so I can see …? Is he. Get down on the ground.

In 1982 Opel decided to stand up to other European manufacturers in the utility segment and chose the city of Zaragoza to start manufacturing its bet in this market with its Corsa model. It was soon a vehicle that gained fame for being robust, although it did not have the characteristics of sportiness or livability of its rivals, it was certainly one of the most durable as well as practical.

Technical specifications of the Opel Corsa 1.2 Turbo 100 CV AT8 Elegance

From then until now the history of Opel has gone through different stages until in our times it has been integrated into the French group PSA and this has had a very important influence on the history of the utility of the German brand. In fact, this latest generation is based on the EMP1 platform of the PSA group, making it the first cousin of the 208 that we have had the opportunity to test.

The model of the new Corsa that we have been able to analyze is the 1.2 Turbo 100 CV AT8 Elegance in orange, a Corsa that at first glance is more attractive and daring than the previous generation and sports a modern and sporty look with certain kinship features that They connect with their mentioned French cousin. Everything in a compact size but somewhat larger than the Opel Corsa that we could test from the previous generation.


The two-tone design of the body draws attention as well as details such as the spoiler or the front bumper with a wide ventilation grille at the bottom and the sunken fog lamps on the sides of it give that sporty touch enough but not as pronounced as in the Peugeot 208. The overall impression is that of a sports car but sober, fun but still more traditional in appearance than that of the French utility vehicle.

It is lower than the previous generation, making the sporty feel a bit more noticeable, but it grows in both wheelbase and length. Both the headlights and taillights can be equipped with LED technology and are sleeker in design and more aggressive than those of the fifth-generation Corsa. The 17-inch black and silver wheels with a five-spoke petal design are also attractive and sporty.

This is the Elegance finish but there is another one with even more sporty touches that add a chrome exhaust with a more racing design, metal pedals, chrome grille and other modifications to the interior. However, already with this version of the new Corsa it is noticeable that Opel has wanted to give a slightly more aggressive look to its utility with elements such as LED headlights that make the equipment as modern as possible.

Sober interior

In the interior, Opel, as usual in these less exclusive models, has opted for a more conventional design and materials, especially when compared to the dazzling design and technology exercise we saw in the 208. If instead we we look at the previous generation of the Corsa the design, the layout of the controls and the indicators have been modernized and are close to what we find in larger models of the German manufacturer.

The materials are more common than in the French utility vehicle with more hard plastics but of good quality and with good finishes in all the elements that we have examined. In general, sobriety and few risky bets prevail, so the interior of the new Corsa will have fans for those who like a more conventional design. As soon as we sit behind the wheel, in fact, we will find clock indicators and a conventional steering wheel.

The driving position has seemed very comfortable and easy to regulate with good visibility, as well as having all the controls and indicators at hand that have been designed and placed in a very rational way. In this version we find a screen of up to 10 inches that is nevertheless placed under the central ventilation nozzles so that although it has very good visibility it means that we have to lower our gaze to consult it.

Opel seats

The seats are usually one of the strengths of the Opel models and this new Corsa is no exception, with a good balance between comfort and support and good materials to the touch. Furthermore, it is even possible to purchase them with a massage function as well as with electrical regulation, heating or cooling. Both on long journeys and on curves, the seats have been comfortable and safe.

The multimedia system that we already mentioned is compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto and it is possible to additionally hire a wireless charging surface for the mobile phone. The multimedia system is easy to control through the touch screen that has good visibility although the navigation system has seemed somewhat slow compared to others that we have had the opportunity to test.

Difficult access back

The size of the car but especially the lower body design of this Corsa makes the access and height of the rear seats a little worse than in the previous generation. Once inside the car the seats are comfortable but the space available is not much, although in line with other models of similar size such as the 208 without going any further. In fact, you travel almost exactly as comfortable as in the French utility vehicle. As is also usual in cars of this size, the three rear seats can only be occupied if one of the occupants is especially small, although they are quite comfortable.

The trunk if we do not request a spare wheel and we settle for the anti-scratch kit has a capacity of 309 liters that is almost exactly the same size as that of the Pugeot 208. Of course, it earns a lot compared to the previous generation of the German utility vehicle. It is not one of the larger trunks but enough for the urban day to day and for small trips. The cargo space is expandable by folding down the seats to 1,081 liters, although the surface will not be flat.

At the wheel

Before getting on the new Corsa a little reflection. From the beginning of the boom of the small European utilities such as the Peugeot 205, the Renault R5 or the Fiat Uno, the Corsa has always had the reputation of being quieter and more practical than its rivals as well as, as we have already mentioned, more robust and reliable. But that reputation for calm was interrupted in 1988 when Opel launched the 100 hp GSI version (in the wake of other popular sports versions of other models of the brand) and the way of seeing that parsimonious German changed forever.

As it happens, the model we have been able to test also has 100 horses like the legendary GSI, but the years have changed many things along the way. If the old sports version of the Corsa was an atmospheric 1.6 injection and eight valves, the model we have tested has a 1.2-liter turbo engine and intercooler and, compared to the five-speed gearbox, we find the PSA original AT8 automatic gearbox in the current model.

The engine is quite quiet despite the fact that the soundproofing is noticeably worse than that of its 208 cousin (which is especially noticeable with the aerodynamic and rolling noise) and the vibrations of the three cylinders are not too bothersome. As for the power delivery, we found it quite smooth and progressive, thanks also to the work of the automatic transmission, which makes it very pleasant and comfortable for use in the city.

On the road and although it is one step below the comfort of the French model, it is also comfortable and invites you to do kilometers thanks to the decisive contribution of the good seats that the model mounts. We really liked the response in the recoveries despite being such a small engine, although it is at the cost of this being revolutionized enough to find the place of the power curve where the engine can give itself.

It is not a particularly agile car on twisty roads, although it is honest and we will not find surprises when entering or leaving the curves. In any case, this slight lack of agility does not prevent us from having fun if we seek the limits of the revolution counter, provided that the prudent behavior of the automatic transmission allows it. In general it is a pleasant motor to use although a little more expensive, especially if it is required, than it appears on paper.


This new generation of the Opel corsa has several challenges that are easy for us to face. The first is to continue to keep alive the flame of a utility vehicle that has made history, especially in Europe, with a reputation for being robust and functional. On the other hand, compete (although with a lower price) with its cousin the Peugeot 208: a model that is distinguished above all by better finishes and more daring design solutions than those of the Opel.

The result is a somewhat less revolutionary but certainly modern car, with a convincing aesthetic and that if it did not have the French relative as a rival it would appear even more modern. It has the virtue of having everything in place and offering honest driving that can even be fun with effort. This is a successful evolution compared to the previous generation, which has made good use of what its alliance with PSA can offer.

Final assessment


This new generation of Opel Corsa represents the classic utility balanced without great design flaws but with a modernized appearance compared to the previous generation.

Infotainment system7.5

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