Normally, when you know that a reference game like Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is going to be adapted to become a video gameThe first impulse is to congratulate the community of fans to it. However, experience has already taught us that, on more than a few occasions, the same thing happens when a video game is brought to the big screen: any resemblance to the original is pure coincidence. And this is something that causes a singular rejection by lovers of the original title. I am not saying that this is the case, do not get me wrong, but I will not deny that I see possibilities in this regard.

But hey, let’s start at the beginning: the study Frontier just released a statement reporting that has reached an agreement with Games Workshop, company responsible for Warhammer. And as a result of it, it announces that Age of Sigmar will reach multiple platforms (PC, consoles and video game streaming services, without indicating which in any case) in the form of a real-time strategy title. The release date is currently a “fiscal year 2023.” It is to be hoped that in some time they will “get wet” and become somewhat more concrete.

In the words of David braben, Frontier executive, “We are delighted to announce this license with Games Workshop. Personally, I think it is great news that two well-established and world-class UK creative companies with global reach are collaborating on a new project. We look forward to working closely with the Games Workshop team to bring the rich world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar to a wide audience through an immersive real-time strategy game accessible for both PC and console. »

For his part, Jon Gillard, Global Head of Licensing at Games Workshop, states, “As Warhammer grows into a bigger and bigger brand and our legions of fans around the world are looking for exciting ways to experience the splendor of our environments, we are always looking for partners in the highest quality to work. Frontier is such a company, with an incredible heritage and highly polished innovative development capabilities, clearly demonstrated by its compelling vision for this game. This will be the first RTS set in the epic fantasy world of Age of Sigmar, which is the kind of game Warhammer and fans of the strategy have been demanding. “

Now I recognize that my knowledge of Warhammer is somewhat limited but, as far as I go, is it not gambling with dice? That is, put to pose it as a strategy game, Wouldn’t it have made more sense to opt for a turn-based strategy game? I have experienced dialectical confrontations for hours between players of Civilization (turns) and Age of Empires (real time), I almost dare to say that it is a confrontation similar to that of concebollistas vs. sincebollistas, or lovers and detractors of pizza with pineapple.

Of course the mechanics of the board version, with turns and dice rolls it’s closer to shifts than real time. Now, perhaps what is worth asking is if both companies seek to attract to the video game those who already enjoy Age of Sigmar with their figures or, on the contrary, in reality, target a different audience, more accustomed to the speed of the vast majority of games today.

Image: Stefan S


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