Elon musk ensures that in the future videoconferences will be able to be made natively using the hardware that is already available in the Tesla the present day.

The interior camera that is located on the rearview mirror would be used, but to date it has been deactivated. The original goal was to use it to record videos in the event of damage to the interior of the vehicle when used for the robotaxis fleet, but the CEO of the company is open to other uses.

One would be to identify driver or passengers using facial recognition and apply customizations to the seat, mirrors, steering wheel, air conditioning and other aspects. The method is described in a patent made by the company in mid-2019.

The goal is not only that the car adapts to the preferences of its owners but any Tesla driver see the customizations applied when they get on another company vehicle.

It also describes the recognition of dangerous situations. For example: a driver falling asleep at the wheel or passing out while the vehicle is in motion. The system Autopilot You could take control and try to get the car to a safe area.

Native video conferencing within the Tesla

But now Elon musk has explained on Twitter that Tesla “I could definitely offer in-vehicle video conferencing through a future update,” answering a question about the possibility.

With the inner camera and 15-inch center screen on the Model 3 and Model Y it would be relatively simple to implement. It would only take applications like Zoom, Google Meet or Skype offer native versions in the vehicle.

Yeah definitely a future feature

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 5, 2020

It is not unreasonable to think that access to native video conferencing services in the vehicle will be a reality. Especially if we consider that many of the characteristics that today seem normal to us inside cars Tesla -how Netflix, Youtube, or more complex things like the Autopilot— that a few years ago seemed like science fiction.

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