Facebook continues to implement new functions that bring its applications closer to being a real alternative to Zoom, the tool that everyone is trying to dock with. After increasing the limit of participants in video calls on WhatsApp, they created Messenger Rooms, the unified video conferencing channel for their applications.

Now, as shown by the specialized media WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is already implementing the access to these ‘Rooms’ in its Android application. However, they are still only available to certain countries and users, in their usual staggered deployment.

Video calls from WhatsApp: up to 50 people

Messenger Rooms are the new video call rooms implemented in Facebook Messenger. However, the planned integration between the three Facebook platforms will make them accessible from anyone. Both from Facebook Messenger as well as from WhatsApp and Instagram you will be able to access these group video calls.

Now, as they teach from WABetaInfo, we see the shortcuts when trying to send an attachment plus. Video calls will be accessible by clicking on the ‘Room’ icon – or its possible translation – in the corresponding menu.

These new links are available from version 2.20.139 onwards, at least in their distribution for Android. Hopefully this feature will also be implemented in WhatsApp for iOS soon.

Some reports claim that this feature may initially be aimed at the American public. However, it seems that the launch of this function will be global, seeing that Messenger Rooms has been launched finally internationally.

To check that the application has been updated and that we can access these new video call rooms on WhatsAppIt is as easy as clicking on the attachment and looking for the new blue icon. If there is a drawing of a video camera with the symbol of a link, it is that the feature is already implemented in the version installed on our smartphone.

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