A year ago, the United States Department of Commerce imposed a veto Huawei, preventing the treatment and use of its products by any of the US technology companies, among other restrictions. The reason, the alleged threat to national security that the Chinese company would represent; the method, declaring the state of emergency.

Since then, there have been movements of all kinds, and in fact just a couple of months after initially applying the veto to Huawei, the United States Government was backing down with some of the most restrictive measures. Many others remained in the same state, despite the opposition of the great technological homelands.

Aside from the trade conflict, however, the veto against Huawei also hurt ordinary consumers with the intention of acquiring Huawei devices with Android, since these were without Google’s services and software. The Chinese company’s response was to announce its own operating system, although we now know that it was just a bluff.

The veto against Huawei remains until 2021

But the situation has not improved in all this time and what we have carried out in 2020 is currently a succession of accusations and explanations that do not give hope that the conflict will be resolved soon: accusations by the United States against Huawei for conspiring to steal trade secrets; explanations by Google of why they cannot offer their products …

The situation, in fact, worsens, and is that the United States Government has decided extend the veto to Huawei at least until next year, so the revocation of the Android license to Huawei, the most harmful effect for the Chinese company, remains in force. Which means the company will still be unable to launch new Android devices with Google software pre-installed.

It should be noted that although we speak of vetoing Huawei, this was not the only Chinese company affected by the presidential order: ZTE and others also entered the same bag and continue in it, waiting for the trade war between the two powers to relax. , once some kind of agreement is reached. Something that is not likely in the short term either.


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