Uber, like many other companies in the technology sector, are preparing to return to the “new normal” caused by the coronavirus pandemic. And it is that there are multiple countries that little by little begin to reactivate their activities, but without completely lifting the prevention measures. It is clear that the world is still far from overcoming the problem.

Maximum 3 passengers can board the vehicle. No one of them will be able to sit in the front seat

In order to adapt to the new times, the company presented a series of rules that all users of the service must comply with. From Monday May 18, only one maximum of 3 passengers board the vehicle, and none of them can occupy the front seat. Uber indicates that its objective is to attend to social distancing measures, since they prevail actively in most regions despite the de-escalation.

This could seem contradictory, since the only distance that is being applied is between the driver and the passengers, not between the latter. Uber, however, has explained the reasons for his decision: “We want passengers to be as far away from the driver as possible, to be seated in the back seat. These are people who generally they are from the same household, so they already live together, “said Sachin Kansal, Uber’s chief security officer.

Another equally important rule is the compulsory use of mouth covers. In the case of drivers, they must take a selfie before accepting a trip. The Uber application will analyze the photo to verify that it is being used. Once the process is approved, the passenger will receive a message that their driver complies with the standard. Uber claims that its system only detects the mouthpiece, so the biometric data of the driver is safe.

Passengers should not resort to selfies, however, the driver can cancel your trip if you are not using the mask. Of course, Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, pointed out that on May 18 you will notice some changes in the application, mainly the presence of warnings with the measures described above.

Measurements for Uber Eats

Uber Eats, a service that has remained active during the most critical stage of the pandemic, also released some measures. It is recommended that delivery men wear face masks and that have no physical contact with customers. In addition, they must maintain the social distance when waiting for the order in food establishments. The latter may report to those who do not comply with the standard, while the distributors can qualify the sanitary measures of the businesses.

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