Twitter will allow researchers analyze your coronavirus related tweets. The company announced that it will release its tools for developers and data analysis experts to have real-time access to all conversations around COVID-19.

Through an entry in their developer forums, Twitter said that this tool requires previous experience working with data, as well as having the necessary infrastructure to process, store and analyze millions of tweets that are generated every day.

With this, researchers could analyze and to better understand the dialogue taking place on the COVID-19 pandemic on the platform, both in conversations, the way in which users react to information, and above all, the flow of false news and conspiracy theories that spread throughout the social network.

Due to the nature of the data, the social network confirmed that this option will only be available to a few and that they will review all applications in detail, in order to ensure that it serves a common good.

All tweets about coronavirus will be analyzed in real time

Twitter will channel all public tweets that are generated in real time including keywords related to COVID-19. Those private accounts that require prior authorization to read their content will not be considered in the analysis. There is no limit to the volume of data to be analyzed, although only a maximum of 200 connection attempts per 15-minute interval will be allowed.

The company you have enabled a page in which we find terms such as coronavirus, #coronavirusmexico, COVID-19, quarantine and pandemic, as well as other more specific ones that include teleworking, #lavatusmanos or #quedateencasa. In the event that the user subsequently deletes the tweet, the researchers will be obliged not to consider this information and also delete it from their analysis.

The requirements to access The data flow is to have a developer account, demonstrable experience with data in JSON and fill out a form to be considered. Once approved, the developer will be able to activate the COVID-19 tweet stream within the Developer Labs control panel, where other APIs and metrics offered by Twitter can be tested.

It is worth mentioning that developers they will not be able to monetize this data and its application must support the public good.

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