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Twitter employees will be able to work forever from home. Company CEO Jack Dorsey has announced that most employees will be eligible for this measure, regardless of COVID-19 and the end of the pandemic, according to NBC.

A spokeswoman for the company has assured that the decision to open the offices is from Twitter, but when to return, or even if it belongs to the employees.

It was in a post on the Twitter blog, in which the firm’s director of human resources, Jennifer Christie, explained this measure.

“We are very well positioned to act quickly and allow colleagues to work from home, which is due to our emphasis on decentralization and remote distribution of the workforce, anywhere,” explained Christie. “The past few months have been proof of this,” he adds.

“If our employees are in a position and in a situation where they can continue at home and want to do it, they will be able to do it forever. We will make that possible,” the directive has transferred.

According to The Guardian, the CEO of the company has also communicated this possibility to the entire staff through a generic email.

Employees of the social network started working remotely in March. And, most of them will be able to continue doing so permanently, according to Twitter’s policy that their professionals can carry out their activity from anywhere, as Christie has emphasized.

“The offices will be the warm refuge for those who want to return, with additional measures, when it is safe to do so,” the head of human resources has also transferred. The return will be gradual, with strong hygiene and safety measures, and the workspace “will never be the same”.

The firm does not plan to open its offices until September, at the earliest. There will also be no business trips until the same date. In addition, Twitter has canceled all face-to-face events in 2020.

For her part, Dorsey has shared a tweet from actor Sean Penn on his social network profile, in which the latter maintains that people “will hate their contacts more and more every day” and “will not want to be expelled from the office or having to return to confinement solely because of being around someone infected. “

Facebook and Google employees won’t be back until 2021

Other companies in the sector, such as Facebook and Google, will extend teleworking until 2021. Both companies plan that your employees continue to develop their activity from home throughout the year.

Cases that cannot work remotely will gradually return to the offices. That time, at Google, won’t occur until June or July, at the earliest. Facebook won’t open until July either.

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