Twitter deleted last Thursday several tweets from the Donald Trump campaign that contained a video honoring George Floyd. This would have been removed, according to the platform, for infringing copyright.

The video in question, which is still available on the YouTube channel of the American president, shows a series of images of the protests and riots that are taking place these days across the country as a consequence of Floyd’s murder. Narrated by Trump himself, the politician describes the event as a “great tragedy”.

Also take advantage to charge against vandalism occurred in various parts of the territory for “troublemakers, looters, and anarchists.” These have led to the closure of several stores and locations, such as the iconic Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York, for fear of riots. He positions himself as “friend and ally of all Americans seeking justice and peace.”

This recording has been distributed on Twitter by the official profiles of the Trump campaign @TeamTrump and @TrumpWarRoom. At least one of the images or videos shown, which have circulated on social networks in recent days, would have received a complaint by its author asking for its withdrawal, leading to the elimination of the video.

Increasing tension

The movement comes in a especially delicate moment between Twitter and the Trump Administration, increasing criticism from the latter. “Twitter and @jack are censoring this encouraging and unifying message from President Trump after the #GeorgeFloyd tragedy,” they express from @TeamTrump.

Days ago, Twitter called the president’s tweets “misleading,” linking to reliable information on the vote by mail, which the president branded as “fraudulent.” An act against which Trump acted by signing an executive order to limit the power of moderation available to social networks.

Trump charges against Twitter, Google and Facebook: he orders a new regulation to “avoid censorship”

Later the service hid one of the American leader’s tweets for “glorifying violence”, unleashing new charges of censorship. Snapchat has also spoken out against the president’s remarks, announcing that it will stop displaying its Discover profile.


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